Peer Mentoring in Drug and Alcohol Services
Please complete by Tuesday 31 July 2018.

This consultation is being carried out by Enigma Drug and Alcohol Consultancy, Janus Solutions and Towards Recovery CIC and is being conducted between June and July 2018.

Its aim is to get a view of the role and scope of Peer Mentoring in Drug and Alcohol Services and to look at where gaps exist and where improvements may be necessary.

The results will be presented and discussed in a free to attend seminar, hosted by the organisations named above, at the Black Cultural Archive, in Brixton on Friday 10th August 2018. Event info here.

To ensure a balanced approach we have devised 3 questionnaires on the topic of Peer Mentoring in drug and alcohol services for the following groups to fill out:

Peer Mentors
Peer Mentor Co-ordinator’s and Managers
Commissioners and Policy Leads


If you are a peer mentor, or manager or if you commission a peer mentor service then please fill out the appropriate questionnaire and share with your network.

Please contact Huseyin Djemil with any questions: / T: 07815 726 471

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Information Governance

  • All the information gathered will be anonymised as we gather it and in the final report.
  • All respondents have the option to withdraw from the process at any time.
  • Wherever possible, e.g. prior to face-to-face interviews, we have sought the permission of the Peer Mentor host organisation to approach Peer Mentors and seek responses from them.  NB:  This may not be possible regarding peer mentor online responses.