Out of Hours Project

Out of Hours Project
Aug / September 2018

Addiction and other helping services typically operate Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm, with occasional evening and weekend slots.  We want to start a project that operates only in the evenings and at the weekends (out of hours).

We will use a strengths based approach, focusing on Recovery not addiction, and an ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) model to develop the project.

The project has three aims, namely, to help people: Initiate Recovery, Sustain Recovery and Integrate into the Community.

We will offer activities under all three-project headings, across the evening and weekend space to people from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire and several London Boroughs.  People will be encouraged, through relationship, social media and other advertising, to come along as attendees and over time we also want to develop opportunities for people in recovery to become: volunteers, paid sessional workers, volunteer co-ordinators and in time we hope to appoint an out of hours (OOH) service manager.

The grant will help us get set-up and allow us to rent community venues, fund social media and other marketing campaigns, and provide initial sessional staff payments.  We will also use the grant to buy some equipment that will enable us to raise money through trading e.g. putting on social evenings, juice bars, and film and comedy nights.  This further subsidises the help we can offer to people and helps make the project sustainable beyond the initial grant period of 12-months.